The Burning Question

The Burning Question

burning question pictureThe Burning Question: We can’t burn half the world’s oil, coal and gas. So how do we quit? by Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clarke is here!

“Fascinating, important and highly recommended” Al Gore.

With a foreword from Bill McKibben, The Burning Question provides a succinct and transparent case for how society, the economy and the environment got into its current state, and what is needed to get it out.

“This is number-crunching and synthesis at their best, richly informed by realities political and psychological as well as scientific. Berners-Lee and Clark are clear-eyed, for instance, on the reasons for our slumberous lack of response, such as sabotage perpetrated by energy companies” Nature

“There have been many books on this issue but The Burning Question lives up to the urgency of its title. Clearly set out, steely with the numbers but fair and humane in its assessments of human strengths and weaknesses, it is a book to reignite the debate” Peter Forbes, The Guardian

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