Land, Food and Carbon

Land and carbon
We specialise in the application of research to land use management, focusing on optimising biodiversity opportunities within agricultural settings and advising on robust nature-based solutions for climate emergency mitigation, such as through peatland, wetland and forestry carbon sinks.

In addition to our Carbon Management and Big Picture thinking work, our consultancy services assist organisational change towards Net Zero. Our approach is evidence-based, and takes into account social responsibility, conservation and ecosystem restoration, and other real-world challenges, in addition to carbon negative emission opportunities.

Global food systems research
Global population is projected to rise to 9.8 billion by 2050. With this greater demand, plus the challenges of the climate emergency (including the need to cut emissions and other environmental impacts), food production and distribution will become an even more pressing issue.

We have conducted a range of research projects mapping food flows for the global population, with particular focus on nutrient and calorie requirements, food waste and consumer behaviours. A selection of our publications can be found here.

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