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MRIO is a Multi-regional input-output model

The SWC MRIO is an environmentally extended multi-regional input-output model (MRIO) or world MRIO, which produces spend-based emission factors for 103 different industries in 65 countries.


We’ve made a version of our MRIO available to download and use for free. The full version is available with a paid licence.

Why have we made our MRIO available for free?


Our mission is to help as many organisations as possible realistically measure their carbon emissions so they can take action to reduce them. We want to increase our impact by making one version of our MRIO available to reach 1000s of organisations.


We don’t just follow standards, where we see that frameworks or methodologies have failings, we help push them higher. We want our MRIO to help achieve a system-complete, realistic, and transparent assessment of supply chain emissions for organisations around the world. 


You can use the SWC MRIO to support assessments of embodied carbon in goods and services and in your full supply chain. We’ve built it from publicly available data, with a transparent methodology. 

The guidance and the dataset that Small World Consulting has made available is a great step towards achieving the higher standards of transparency, realism and compatibility that is so badly needed in company reporting on supply chain emissions.

Professor John Barrett
University of Leeds

What does the full MRIO dataset include?


The full dataset has 16 variations for each year in the model from:

  • Emission factors split into scopes 1, 2 and 3.

  • Available in basic prices, or in purchasers’ prices (which include retail margins, taxes, transport margins and subsidies).

  • Available on a supply basis where the country of origin is known, and a demand basis where the country of purchase is known.

The full version is especially useful for hybridising emission factors with LCA data, and we have guidance on how to do this.

What does the free MRIO dataset include?

The free dataset has 1 variation, using total emissions factors in purchasers’ prices on a demand basis.   

How much does the full MRIO version cost?


The full version is available under licence from SWC. Licence costs vary depending on the type and size of your organisation, whether your use is commercial or not, and the number of years and options you want in the MRIO. It is free for academic use.


Tell us the size and type of your organisation and we’ll contact you to talk about your requirements and provide a licence quote.


What support is available to use the SWC MRIO?

The following documents give best practice guidelines on using our MRIO, based on our 20 years of experience in company supply chain emissions accounting, and show how the SWC MRIO was developed.

We can work with you to help you use the MRIO dataset, to research emissions and LCAs for your supply chain and to hybridise these for the most reliable emissions factor reporting.

We also work with companies that use our datasets to provide carbon accounting reporting for other businesses. Ecologi has used our dataset to help over 19,000 small businesses in the UK measure their emissions. Licensing our data and supporting others to use it increases our impact.   

Get in touch and talk to us about the areas you may need support with, and we’ll show you the added value our team of carbon consultants can bring.

Packages on Shelves

Download the free SWC MRIO

Fill in the form below to download the free SWC MRIO dataset for 2018-2022:

Download MRIO now

Ask us about a licence for the full dataset:

Tell us a few details about your organisation and we'll be in touch to talk about your needs and a quote for a licence.

Thanks for contacting us, we'll aim to reply within a week.

FAQs about our MRIO

What data does the SWC MRIO use?

What’s the difference between CID and CIS figures?

What format is the data in?

Which years does the data cover and when is the next update?

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