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The SWC MRIO is an environmentally extended multi-regional input-output model (MRIO). It has been built from publicly available data and has a transparent methodology. It produces spend-based emission factors for 103 industries in 65 countries. 

We have made this dataset available in order to facilitate system-complete, realistic, and transparent assessment of supply chain emissions for companies and other organisations. We hope this, along with supporting documents, is a step towards greater realism, compatibility, and standardisation of supply chain emissions reporting. It can also support assessments of embodied carbon in goods and services.

To access the free dataset and accompanying material, please fill in your contact details in the form below. The full version of the dataset may be obtained under licence from SWC. Please see the note on licencing below.

Professor John Barrett, University of Leeds

"The guidance and the dataset that Small World Consulting has made available is a great step towards achieving the higher standards of transparency, realism and compatibility that is so badly needed in company reporting on supply chain emissions."
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Supporting Documentation

In addition to the SWC MRIO dataset, we provide guidelines for its use which have been drawn from SWC’s twenty years of experience in company supply chain emissions accounting. We also provide documents relating to its development. 


These documents include:

  • A set of guidelines for supply chain emissions assessments

  • A guide to hybridising spend-based emissions factors with process-based life cycle analyses

  • A concise methodology

  • An outline of the work carried out in order to validate the dataset


Furthermore, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to the SWC MRIO dataset are available here.

Please enter your contact information here to access the free SWC MRIO dataset:

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A Note on Licencing

The dataset available here is a subset of the SWC MRIO’s outputs. It contains the emissions factors that are generally most useful for an initial attribution of emissions to organisational expenditure. 

The full SWC MRIO dataset can be purchased under licence from Small World Consulting and includes emissions factors broken down by scope, with or without distributor margins and taxes, as well as factors for cases where the country of production is known. We charge for these in order to fund SWC's ongoing development work in this area and our wider activities in helping organisations to respond to the climate and ecological emergency. Please note that the full dataset is freely available for academic purposes.

If you are interested in obtaining the full dataset, please get in touch via the link below.

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