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Big Picture Thinking

Measuring and reducing an organisation's full carbon emissions is a key part of tackling the climate crisis. But true sustainability goes beyond carbon and looks at the full impact you could have over the global transition we need.

We go far wider and deeper than traditional ESG frameworks and will push you to imagine what your future could be, looking at everything you do, everything you say and how you could inspire and bring others with you to a sustainable future.

Our Big Picture framework delves into 6 core areas, using a mix of content and data from you and specific research by our consultants into your operations, products and services.


Carbon accounting quality

Carbon strategy

Climate narative

Environmental impact

Social impact

Economic transition

Where Big Picture thinking can take you

We’ve used our Big Picture framework with a range of clients and the actions they’re taking from it, are as unique as they are.

Jude’s Ice Creams has focused on a new product range, with delicious plant-based ice creams making up 75% of the new products launched in 2023. These use 80% less land and have 47% less carbon emissions than dairy ice creams.


The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre has worked with us to create a project selection tool, to assess the sustainability of the projects they fund and work on, and maximise their impact across the whole UK manufacturing industry.

Our Big Picture view of your future

Our Big Picture framework works for individual organisations from hospitality, catering and land management to manufacturing, technology and entertainment. We also work with asset managers to help assess the sustainability and risks of investments, using our Big Picture framework as a fit-for-purpose version of a mainstream ESG assessment.

We can also help you with full scope 3 carbon accounting, with B Corp certification and looking at credible schemes for carbon reduction and beyond value chain mitigation outside your immediate operations, in areas that will have a real impact on systemic change and the low carbon transition.  

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