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Big Picture Thinking

​​Humans face a multidisciplinary global systemic challenge.

The climate emergency runs in parallel with, and is inescapably linked to crises in biodiversity, pollution and disease threats. These crises need addressing together, while simultaneously addressing the just transition to food security, renewable energies and transport. Looking carefully into these physical challenges drives further questioning of economics, technology, business, investment, society, politics, values and even new ways that humans need to learn how to think. All of this is explored in There Is No Planet B and Mike and others from Small World give talks on these continually evolving ideas.

The implication for organisations seeking to make a contribution to the world is that to be ethical or positive means looking far beyond the scope of traditional ESG frameworks, or carbon targets (even though these still form part of the picture). What is required is a far more wide ranging and thoughtful exploration of the impact that an organisation has and has potential to have over the global transition that we so urgently need.

What does 'Big Picture' mean? 

In assessing an organisation’s climate response, emissions from its operations and its value chain are important but are only part of the picture. Building on our knowledge of carbon accounting and sustainability strategies we have developed a framework to assess the extent to which organisations are both pushing for and set to thrive in a low carbon world. 

We have deployed this 'big picture' framework for a number of our clients, aiming to identify gaps in their sustainability strategies. Our assessment uses a wide-angle lens to explore how the climate emergency impacts every aspect of an organisation's life; its culture, its communications and its activities. From this assessment, we offer evidence based quantitative and qualitative findings with suggestions for future improvement. 

Ultimately, this assessment aims to guide an organisation's coherent response to the climate crisis, taking the view that we face an increasingly multi-dimensional challenge that demands a systematic response.

Who does this assessment work for? 

Our framework has applications across a variety of sectors, from the asset management industry to the entertainment and catering sector. If you're interested in starting to think about the big picture issues of the climate crisis then get in touch here.​ 

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