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Mike Berners-Lee



Mike and others in the Small World team are sometimes available for talks about Mike's books, our work with business, latest analysis and the implications for organisations, institutions and individuals.

To book Mike for a speaking engagement  please reach out to Chartwell Speaker Bureau.

Academic papers

'The real climate and transformative impact of ICT: A critique of estimates, trends and regulations' Charlotte Freitag, Mike Berners-Lee, Kelly Widdicks, Bran Knowles, Gordon S. Blair, Adrian Friday, 2021. Patterns.


Hybrid life -cycle assessment for robust, best-practice carbon accounting’ C. Kennelly, M. Berners-Lee, C.N. Hewitt, 2019. Journal of Cleaner Production. 208, p. 35-43. 9 p.

Current global food production is sufficient to meet human nutritional needs in 2050 provided there is radical societal adaptation’ M. Berners-Lee, C. Kennelly, R. Watson, C.N. Hewitt, 2018. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene. 6:1, 14 p.

Greenhouse gas emissions of food waste disposal options for UK retailers’ J. Moult, S. Allan, C.N. Hewitt, M. Berners-Lee. 05/2018 In: Food Policy. 77, p. 50-58. 9 p.

Mitigating the greenhouse gas emissions of food through realistic consumer choices’ C. Hoolohan, M. Berners-Lee, J. McKinstry-West, Hewitt, C.N. 12/2013 In: Energy Policy. 63, p. 1065-1074. 10 p.

The relative greenhouse gas impacts of realistic dietary choices’  M. Berners-Lee, C. Hoolohan, H. Cammack and C.N. Hewitt, 2012. Energy Policy. 43: 184-190.

Greenhouse gas footprinting for small businesses — The use of input–output data’ M. Berners-Lee, D.C. Howard, J. Moss, K. Kaivanto, W.A. Scott, 2011. Science of the Total Environment. 409:5: 883-891

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