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World-leading carbon and sustainability experts

Our assessments drive impactful actions

We help organisations of all sizes and from all sectors to measure their carbon footprint, and see the big picture of how they could thrive in a sustainable world.

We're world-leading experts in measuring the emissions from an organisation and its full supply chain. We don't just follow standards, we push them higher. That's why we've made a version of our carbon footprinting dataset free for others to use.

If you need help calculating your carbon footprint using the most in-depth and custom research, or you want to explore all the ways you could become truly sustainable, our expert team can give you evidence-based assessments and show you the actions to take to make the most impact.

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We calculate the carbon footprint  of your operations and your supply chains. Our leading carbon tools set science-aligned targets and carbon reduction actions.


We look at your full impact on a sustainable planet, and help you imagine what your future could be thriving in a low carbon world.


We estimate carbon budgets for landscapes, combining carbon from residents and visitors with land use emissions and carbon sinks.

We've counted the carbon in all kinds of industries

We've got over 20 years of experience working with organisations from telecoms and finance to manufacturing and retail. We know the emissions in everything from an email to a pair of trainers.


We've also got expertise and a research background in looking at food and land. We've measured the carbon footprint of a tub of ice cream to a whole National Park.

Small World's global impact

We're proud to work with companies like Cogo, Ecologi and Sage, which use our data to help 1000s of businesses and individuals measure their carbon footprint, the first step in taking action to reduce it.

Our work with clients like BT is helping it lead the way in low carbon telecoms. And helping the team at AMRC to think big about sustainability has them leading the whole of UK manufacturing to a sustainable future.

We deliver carbon and sustainability assessments for:






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Our work

Full assessment of supply chains, using our leading carbon tools, setting science-aligned targets and carbon reduction actions.

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Our mission, our values, and how working with us will push you to make the biggest positive impact on the planet possible.


Led by Prof. Mike Berners-Lee, our team of consultants bring a wide background of research and experience to our carbon and sustainability work.

News and resources

MRIO free download

We have made the core data from our Multi-regional Input-Output model (MRIO) available as a free download, to enable robust, transparent and compatible company supply chain emissions reporting. We also have best practice guides to use MRIO in supply chain emissions assessments and to integrate MRIO with Life Cycle Analysis.

UK farming and land use

We bring the latest scientific evidence to the contentious and emotive debate around what truly sustainable farming and land use in the UK should look like.

Farmers are being asked to deliver greater food production, restore nature, capture carbon and provide sustainable livelihoods for rural communities. Our evidence-based answers to 15 questions look at all areas of farming, from regenerative agriculture and the effects of grazing on biodiversity to new technologies to reduce methane and the energy use of vertical indoor farming.

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