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MRIO Release

We have made the headline results from our Multi-regional Input-Output model (MRIO) freely available, along with best practice guidance on its use in supply chain emissions assessments and on its integration with Life Cycle Analysis. We have done this to enable robust, transparent, practical and compatible company supply chain emissions reporting.

Briefing Paper on GWP*

In our paper, "GWP*: Applications & Misapplications," we focus on methane emissions' distinct role in global warming. Exploring CO2 and methane differences, we caution against GWP* misuse. In the context of agriculture, we stress the need to consider land use and water footprints for improved sustainable land management and food systems.

Background image showing mountains and forest

Small World Consulting 
exists as a response
to our climate and
ecological emergency.

Our research and consultancy pushes for systemic change.

We prioritise the areas where we think we can have the most leverage. These include business transition, carbon reduction, carbon modelling, technology, research & education, communication, sustainable investment and food & land use. 

A dedication to truth is at the heart of all our work. Without a culture of greater honesty, it is almost impossible to imagine progress on the world's greatest challenges.

Click through our site to learn more about our work, to view some of our past and present clients, and to meet our team.

Overview of SWC's areas of work arranged in a circle: Business Transition, Carbon Reduction, Carbon Modelling, Technology, Research & Education, Communication, Sustainable Investment, Food & Land Use, all centred around the word "Truth" in the middle of the circle.
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