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Who We Are

The Earth, and every species on it, is facing a climate and ecological emergency. Small World Consulting exists as a response to that emergency. We challenge and support organisations to take meaningful and effective action; to be exemplars both in their industries and beyond. We help our clients to play their part in the global systemic change that is needed for a sustainable economy and society.

Our work includes, but is not limited to:

Critically, our analysis includes a full assessment of supply chains, using our leading carbon tools, setting science-aligned targets and actions.

We use our holistic company assessment framework to enable organisations to understand where they fit into the global context and where they can best have agency to help both humans and the environment thrive. This framework also provides a fit-for-purpose version of mainstream ESG assessment for asset managers.

Advising on sustainable diets, menus and land management, including ecologically sound and effective carbon removal. We help local areas, such as national parks, to understand and reduce emissions resulting from all consumption by residents, businesses and visitors.

Raising awareness of the climate and ecological emergency through talks, books and academic papers.

We say it like it is, we support our clients in facing every challenge, and we call out greenwash. We try to uphold our values of honesty, kindness and respect for all people and species.

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What We Do

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